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This is a great practice for anyone looking to become familiar with postures, renew your body, relax your nervous system, and settle your mind. Stretch and strengthen.


This will be an active flowing class that pairs breath and movement. Sun salutations provide a roadmap. Physically engaging; this dynamic class leaves your mind calm and your body energized.  Physically active


Truly a technology that uses: pranayama (breath techniques), mantra (chanting), kriyas (timed movements), and meditation. Cleanse your body and mind. Transform your life. Work to balance and strengthen the mind.


Through the synchronization of breath and movement and a steady gaze this practice heals the body and calms the mind. Following the Half Primary Series, beginning with surya namaskara (sun salutations) followed by standing and seated poses. Each asana prepares for the next. Close with calming the nervous system.


This beautiful practice is slow and deep stretching  Postures all done seated or on the back. Basic props provided. This is a cooling practice for your body and mind. A great addition to any other workouts


This class will use modifications, props, and support. A variety of pose geared to anyone new to practice, injured, or looking to slow down.

Myofascial Release: Roll Relax Renew

Learn techniques using yoga therapy balls. Finding patterns to gain flexibility for health. Mimic the movement of a skilled massage. You will learn routines to reduce pain and stiff muscles. Leaving the class you will be able to guide your own massage sequence at home.


This workshop will show you four different ways to meditate. From active, to breath work, mantra, and guided yoga nidra (relaxation) Each workshop will explore different tools and benefits of meditation.

Kids Yoga

These monthly classes teach your little one the skills of balance. Using mediation and postures to create more awareness, increase focus, reduce anxiety, and direct energy. Ages 5-12

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