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Our Services

As you know, we are a holistic Health Center. Below you will find a list of services that we offer. If you have any questions or would like more information about andy of the specific services; feel free to contact us. 

Acupuncture &
Traditional Chinese Medicine

An age old system of health care that utilizes; acupuncture, cupping, tuina massage, guasha, food therapy, and herbal medicine to bring your body back to balance. Your comprehensive intake will help the provider create a treatment plan and combination of modalities that best addresses your condition(s). Acupuncture can effectively and safely treat: pain, digestive concerns, hormonal issues, sleep problems, stress, allergies, depression & anxiety, headaches, and more. We treat men, women, and children.

Body Fusion

This is an amazing combination of many forms of Asian Bodywork. Drawing from Ayurvedic medicine, Abyangha (cleansing and grounding oil massage). In addition experience the wonders of Tradition Chinese Bodywork combining: TuiNa Massage, Guasha, Cupping, and Percussion therapy. This amazing treatment is great to relieve sore tight muscles, cleanse the body, and improve energy and vitality. 

Herbal Therapy

We offer herbal therapy from a variety of different traditions. Herbal medicine is profoundly powerful in treating many internal medical conditions: Headaches, fatigue, hormonal upset, depression/anxiety, digestive issues, colds/flus, allergies, addiction recovery, and more. Our licensed herbalists are ready to sit down and create a formula that is custom tailored to your needs. 

Nutritional Counseling

One of the biggest things a person can do to be healthy is change their diet. Our licensed providers can help if you want to loose a few pounds, increase energy, support you body through challenging medical treatments, or increase your overall vitality and wellbeing. 


We offer a variety of natural skincare services and products. check out our SKINCARE page for more info


Our therapists are trained at schools specializing in Therapeutic Massage, with well over the state required minimum hours of training to qualify for licensing.

Our therapists always customize each session to the individual’s needs. Those needs can change from one session to the next, so no two sessions are exactly the same. 

Offering deep tissue, pediatric, geriatric, aromatherapy, swedish, hot stone, and more

Classes & Seminars

Periodically we will offer classes on various health topics. These classes will be taught be our experiences staff, and sometimes guest presenters. However, we are also happy to create custom classes for your and your friends.... So simply get a group together, let us know what you would like to learn, and we will organize it for you. 

Yoga & Meditation

Private and small group yoga & meditation classes available.  Our teachers are nationally recognized, and have experience: pediatric yoga, kundalini, hatha, vinyasa, professional athletes, teaching retreats, 

Holistic Spa Retreats

TriFusion offers custom spa and health retreats. This is a great this for bridal parties, couples retreats, friends, family and more. Contact us today for more info. 

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