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Frequently Asked Questions


does acupuncture hurt?

-Generally not. Your provider will work their best to give you the least painful experience possible. That being said certain areas of the body may be more tender than others, which varies from patient to patient. After the insertion of the sterile needles your treatment is typically fairly pain free. That being said and accommodations can be made so that your treatment is as peaceful as possible. Any further 'techniques' your provider will discuss with you prior to starting.


what can acupuncture treat?

-Essentially...everything. Acupuncture is currently seeing a lot of positive western research in regards to pain. There are a number of studies reporting that acupuncture is better to treat pain than many current standard treatments. Acupuncture treatments can be varied. Women's health, headaches, digestive problems, sleep issues, anxiety, colds/flus, depression, aches/pains, allergies, and men's health are just some of the areas acupuncture has been successful in treating. 


how many treatments do I need?

-Depends. Acupuncture, and subsequent treatment plans, are completely personalized to you. This is one of the great benefits and reasons acupuncture can be so successful, because it looks at the entire person to create a unique treatment plan. It can be helpful to think of the following things: how long have you had the condition, how severe is it, and consider are you able to make in your daily life to support overall health? We would invite you to sit down with a practitioner to determine if acupuncture is a good fit for your specific condition.


do you take insurance?

-We offer a SuperBill. This is essentially an invoice that you can personally submit to your insurance for (potential) reimbursement. So this means that you pay the pracitioner, and if insurance does cover the treatment your insurance company will pay you directly. Concerned about the price of treatment? Talk to you practitioner today; as health is out main focus.


why choose acupuncture?

-Most simply, acupuncture is a natural, time tested, comprehensive, holistic way to treat your body. With highly trained professionals we invite you to experience an ancient practice that has treated thousands of different conditions over the years. Acupuncture offers a great option for many stubborn conditions that (western medicine) may be having challenges treating. Acupuncture is also a great complementary treatment to options you may be already exploring with other care providers. 

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