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 un ion

:the act of joining two or more things together

f e e l

...your health starts here...

 with your 

TriFusion is a space to escape. Feed your body, mind, and soul in this oasis. We are a committed to serving you. In addition to our amazing health care professionals & spa services, we also have a wonderful retail space. Here you will find herbs, oils, bath & body products, home items, supplements, food products, and more. All things focused on your happy/healthy being. Our goal is that this center becomes a destination, not only for services, but like minded community.  Health starts here the moment you walk through the door. 

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Clinic & Store HOURS

M o n d a y s


T u e s d a y s


W e d n e s d a y

By Appointment ONLY

T h u r s d a y


F r i d a y

 Home Visits by Appointment

S a t u r d a y

7-1p (May-Oct)

*Please Note*

All hours are subject to change without notice. 

Additional appointment hours available upon request in Prior Lake


Prior Lake

16221 Main Ave #204

Prior Lake MN 55372

"Striving to serve individuals {groups} of all backgrounds by offering practical patient education, maintaining health & preventing disease (body, mind, and spirit), providing a safe supportive space to anyone that seeks our professional care...And most importantly working towards union" -TriFusion LLC

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